Just as the light from the lighthouse serves as a beacon to the ships at sea, Shabaz Hussain was a beacon of light to anyone lucky enough to get near him. When Shabaz returned to Allah it shook the community to its core. He was only 21 years old and was in his third year of medical school in 2014. Shabaz had a deep desire to uplift the youth of his community. He sincerely believed that the future was in the hands of the youth. He believed it was a duty upon us all to prepare the youth for the future. His love for the youth and his community gave birth to Dr. Shabaz Charity Group.  

By remembering our purpose in life and who we serve, the foundation of Dr. Shabaz Charity Group’s mission began in March 2019 as an organization to honor and preserve the loving memory of the dreams and aspirations Shabaz wanted to pursue. He genuinely believed in the importance of taking care of others, and his passion is what inspires our mission to work towards improving the health and wellness of our community.